Shi Da Plastic Eventually Won the Award of 'Best Shoe Material Manufacturer'


Good news came on January 24th, Shi Da Plastic eventually won the award of Best Shoe Material Manufacturer set by 2017 China Footwear Supply-Front Innovation and Development Summit, a summit having been attached with high attention and huge influence. with hundreds of competitors from all over the country after two rounds of examinations.

Firstly, Shi Da Plastic won the first place on the internet voting on December 28th owe to the votes and supports from all Shi Da staffs as well as trusts come from the whole society , .

On the second round, expertises and footwear insiders examinated aii over by standards including the innovation abilities and production capacities and also choose Shi Da as the champion. 

It is a sign that shi da keeps the leading role in shoe material supplying market and the credits and respects accumulated after standing in the footwear industry for more than thirty years finally helps earning the glory

Congratulate Shi Da Plastic again taking the award without pity.and wish a more prosperous 2018 to Shi Da! 

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