Shi Da Plastic is Awaiting Your Visiting at the 20th JinJiang Footwear Exposition



1.Deepen knowledge about deolopments in masterbatch industy and capture new trends of coloring agent

Shida has been in the paint industry for more than 30 years. Its EVA masterbatches and EB color sand products have been rigorously selected pigments that are excellent in heat resistance and are produced by special processing and inspection procedures. They possess strong coloring strength and stability and are Mainly used in EVA injection granulation, EVA midsole, flat foam and high foaming foam products and other shoe products. The product has passed SGS certification and meets European environmental standards. It is the preferred coloring product for many well-known shoe companies.

Relying on its long history and rich experience, Shida continues to innovate for better while solidifying its position as the leading player in Jinjiang Color Masterbatch. To meet the needs of green development, research and produce degradable green masterbatch; vigorously develop fluorescent masterbatch and strive to meet the multiple needs of customers.

2.Explore in-depth the latest  innovation s  of  high  polymer  shoe  materials  and  help  updating   sports  shoe  industry

Shida Company pays attention to talents and innovation, cooperates with universities and colleges such as Huaqiao University, and has a large number of research and development teams consisted by undergraduates and postgraduates. Its TR series thermoplastic elastomer has general vulcanized rubber properties without vulcanization, and is widely used to replace traditional vulcanized rubbers such as NBR, BR and SBR.

EVA soften material modified rubber TPES can play a role in increasing the flexibility and flexibility in the processing of EVA, PE, SBS, PS, PP and other products to improve product quality.

The high activate intercalation silver powder and nano silver solution is a new type of green antibacterial material, which is harmless to the human body, non-irritating to end-products and non-pollution to the environment and are broadly used, high efficient and have lasting effect They are widely used in footwear, various types Plastics, fiber products, paints, coatings, hygiene products.

3.Reach out to key contacts with global shoe material purchasers and extend the exporting volume of Jin Jiang city

Since the establishment of the international trade department in 2008, Shida Company has been actively participating expositions, promoting overseas network and continuously updating product rank. Its business scope covers Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe, South America and Africa, including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Pakistan. A plenty of countries, including Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Argentina, and Egypt, have established a solid business relationship with Shi Da Plastic. Various products have been welcomed by overseas markets.

We shall look forward to meeting you at our stall to discuss new products and developments which could be of mutual interest and value addition. Please do spare your valuable time to visit us.

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